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Showing the basic information and contacts


Allow visitors/Clients to write a review of members services


Showing the basic information and contacts

General Mobile Application:

A general listing on EHD mobile Application

Google MAP integration:

Allow visitors to locate the address via Google maps and on their GPS devices/phones


Dedicated profile Link “***”:

A dedicated link for the member profile ends with the brand *** , for social marketing and easy usage


Dedicated Mobile Application “iOS/Android Store”:

A special mobile application for the member with his logo and information, with iOS/Android market listing


Profile Images:

Allow members to display images in their profile

0 2 4 8

Weekly News Streaming:

Allow members to post their news in the EHD blog

0 1 5 10

Marketing Newsletter:

A newsletter to all members/clients/visitors

3,000 AED / Newsletter 2,000 AED / Newsletter 1,500 AED / Newsletter 1,000 AED / Newsletter

PN – Push Notifications:

Mobile push notification to all mobile application users

2,000 AED / PN 1,500 AED / PN 1,000 AED / PN 500 AED / PN

SMS Marketing:

Bulk SMS service to all members/clients/visitors

0.1 AED / SMS 0.09 AED / SMS 0.08 AED / SMS 0.07 AED / SMS

Add Box:

Web Site advertising box Area “MOH Rules Applied”

5,000 AED / WEEK 3,000 AED / Week 2,000 AED / Week 1,000 AED / Week

Sponsor Box:

Web Site sponsor box Area “MOH Rules Applied”

25,000 AED / Month 17,000 AED / Month 13,000 AED / Month 9,000 AED / Month

Live Chat Module:

Allow visitors/Clients to directly with the member operator

NO 3,000 AED / Yr 2,000 AED / Yr 1,000 AED / Yr

24/7 Support:

Members support 24/7 “Phone – eMail”

eMail Priority eMail eMail & Phone Priority eMail & Phone


FREE 6,000 AED / Yr 12,000 AED / Yr 24,000 AED / Yr


Who can be an EHD member ?
Any MOH Licensed Hospital, Medical center, Clinic, Healthcare Center or Medical insurance company in UAE

What do I need to be a member ?
1- Valid MOH license
2- Letter of agreement on EHD policy
3- Valid EHD membership Application

Why Should I register with EHD ?
1- is the only and the biggest medical and health directory in UAE that covers the seven cities.
2- is a homogenous platform for sharing data/information in a high confidential and professional way.
3- is user friendly Web and mobile Application
4- is the best way for interaction between clients/visitor and medical centers

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